Why do we need Spanish?

Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the WORLD. In the U.S., it’s becoming increasingly more important to learn it for a number of reasons.


The differences between hispanic, latino, & spanish:

Did you know that Spanish gets many of its words from Arabic? That’s because Spain was ruled by the Arabic people for 700 years, between 711A.D.-1492A.D. Here are some common words that we even use in English that come from Arabic. 

Here are 50 interesting facts about the Spanish language. Pick the FIVE that you found the most interesting!

And here are some facts about Spanish culture, and here too.

5 reasons

Spanish Classroom Ideas | why be bilingual...:

top 10 reasons

Spanish in Numbers




12 Fun Facts about the Spanish Language:

Don’t forget about Latin America!

Believe it or not, the Spanish that is spoken in Spain is WAY different than the version in Latin America!

If you like political history and revolutions, check out this video by John Green, the same guy who wrote Paper Towns and The Fault in Our Stars.