Mi Dormitorio Project

You will be creating a 3D diorama of your bedroom in a shoebox using 15 vocabulary words from your list or from the “SuperStar Vocabulary” list. 12 MUST be from original vocab.

Possible materials: clay, styrofoam, LEGOS, doll furniture, folded paper with photographs, cotton balls, fabric, small boxes, construction paper, wooden dowels, popsicle sticks, tissue paper, etc. Be creative!

Each item in the bedroom must be labelled in Spanish.

Use toothpicks as “flags”, sticky labels, tiny post-its, or even small slips of paper glued/taped to items. Be accurate with your vocab spelling and el/la. USE YOUR VOCAB LIST TO HELP YOU!

You will be describing this room to the rest of the class as your speaking grade.


Here are some example of previous projects and good ones off the web:



Here are the two rubrics on how you’ll be assessed:


(Ignore last item on rubric…will be omitted in grading)