Materiales Escolares



It’s back to school season and students have their supply lists in hand. Find the items that these 3 kids need to purchase and the total costs. Make sure you write the cost total in Spanish!!

You may also notice that some of the words you see here are different than the ones you’ve learned. That’s because of the linguistic variations from country to country. Use the pictures to help you!

Álvaro’s mom wants to do all of her shopping at one store, la librería. This family lives in Mexico, where the PESO is used. What would the total come to if she purchased the following items? Make sure you look at the amount of each item in parentheses and the specific details of each product.


Productos de la canasta escolar:

  1. Unos marcadores (10)
  2. Una regla de 30 cm (1)
  3. Un pegamiento (2)
  4. Un cuaderno universitario (80 hojas)
  5. Unas tijeras (3)

Precio total:  $_______









Graciela’s parents prefer to price shop, looking at different catalogs and getting the lowest priced items by hopping around from store to store. They live in Madrid, Spain, where the currency that is used is called the EURO. Help them get the best bargain for their euro by choosing the lowest priced item from the stores. Write down which store each material was found at. The store’s name can be found above the catalog pictures.



Image result for catalogo de materiales escolares




  1. Una mochila rojo (1)
  2. Unos cuadernos (4)
  3. Un pegamiento (3)
  4. Papel (500 hojas)

Precio total: $__________









Sebastián’s family lives in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador. The Salvadorean PESO is the currency here. For school, he needs a lot of art supplies because he loves to draw. Help his family find the best deals in town!






  1. Unos lápices (20)
  2. Unos resaltadores (2)
  3. Unos crayones (48)
  4. Unos cuadernos (5)

Precio total: $__________