Bailes hispanos

In this WebQuest, you will be discovering the rich culture beneath each Spanish-speaking county’s traditional dance. You will explore the regions where these dances originated, the costumes that are worn, the stories behind each style, and even learn the moves!

As you go through the videos, you DO NOT need to watch every second of every single one!! There are here so you can skim through and get an idea for what they are all about. For the informational videos, however, I recommend you actually watch those through so you don’t miss crucial information.

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Here is the study guide that the show is based upon. You can find the styles that will be played, the dance moves, the lyrics to the songs, and some info on the dances! 

Ready? Set? GO! 


La Chacarera

Describe the costume of this dance. 

What are the movements like?

What type of sound does the music have?

El Malambo con Boleadores

This is a dance style from La Pampa, Argentina: a region in the country known for ranchers and cowboys.

From which region of Argentina does this dance originate?



You have to skip forward about 2 minutes in this one:

How would you describe this dance style?

Where did this style come from? (click this link)


Jarabe Tapatio

Have you heard this song before?

Describe the traditional dancing costume. 

What movements do the women do? The men?

Puerto Rico


How does this song reflect traditional Puerto Rican musical style? (Click this link…look at “Composition”)

What is the name of the rhythm used in this song which originates in Puerto Rico? (Click this link…look at “Composition”)


Cumbia–La Pollera Colorá


What are the three cultures within this type of dance?

What types of instruments can be heard?

What moods are portrayed in this dance?

La Salsa Caleña

How is this dance like others you’ve seen? How is it different?



This is the most popular song bachata rhythm, called “Eres Mia” by Romeo Santos

This version uses a song you probably know!

What is the rhythm of bachata?

Who are some modern popular artists for this musical style? (Try a YouTube search for “Bachata” and see what artists come up)


What are the steps for this dance style?

What others styles of music have influenced merengue?

“Darte un Beso” by Prince Royce (the king of bachata!!)

“La traviesa” by Juan Luis Guerra (a merengue song)



For what festival is samba dance popular?

How many beats per minute is in samba?



Describe this musical style. 


What are the steps like in this dance style?

What types of  instruments are present?


Here is the study guide for the second show on Spain’s musical variants!


The three main instruments in flamenco are singing, dance and guitar. This dance style is largely improvisation, meaning they make it up as they go!

Where in Spain does Flamenco originate?

What do you notice about the hand movements?

What are some emotions that are conveyed through this style?

What instruments are used?

Tango Flamenco

Jaleo Flamenco

Martinete Flamenco

Tanguillo Flamenco

Alegrias Flamenco


La Muñeira

What country appears to have influenced Aurresku and La Muñeira?

What instrument do you hear?

What is different about the costume from Latin American dance dress?

La Jota Aragonesa

What time period does this make you think about?

La Rumba

Here’s a popular and VERY catchy song in the style of rumba by Peret. “Borriquito” means silly or clumsy. And this video shows how silly he is!

And a remake

The singer is wearing what animal on his necklace? Why is that? (hint: the title of the song)

Spain also has some beautiful classical music. The most notable figure is Isaac Albeñíz, a composer who created some beautiful pieces for piano which got transposed into guitar later on.

What atmosphere tone do these songs set?

Which version do you prefer? Piano or guitar? 

La Tuna


What age group comprises this singing troupe?

Viva el Pasodoble

Cua Cua Cua

What are some childhood songs you remember?

What does this song teach toddlers?

Unrelated, but here’s another song you may recognize!!