What’s your Spanish Name?

Ever wonder if your name has a translation in Spanish?

Some names do, but they are more traditional names. New or unique names typically do not have a translation. Check out this list to see if you have one!


Alex/Alexander – Alejandro

Alfred – Alfredo

Anthony – Antonio

Charles/Charlie – Carlos

Christopher – Cristóbal

Daniel – Danilo

David – David

Doug – Diego

Edward – Eduardo

George – Jorge

Henry – Enrique

James – Jaime or Santiago

John – Juan

Joseph – Jose

Mark – Marco

Michael – Miguel

Peter – Pedro

Richard – Ricardo

Robert – Roberto

Stephen – Esteban

Thomas – Tomás

William – Guillermo


April – Abril

Anna – Ana

Barbara – Barbara/Bebe

Dorothy – Dora

Elizabeth – Isabel/Elisabet/Elisabé

Ellen – Elena

Eve – Eva

Grace – Gracia

Helen – Helena

Hope – Esperanza

Linda – Linda

Lisa – (No specific correspondence, but as the diminutive of Elizabeth you may see it rendered as Isabel. Sometimes seen as Liliana or Maribel)

Lorraine – Lorena

Margaret – Margarita

Mary – Maria

Nancy – Inés

Natalie – Natalia

Patricia – Patricia

Rachel – Raquel

Rose – Rosa

Roxanne/Roseanne – Rosana

Sarah – Sara

Sonya – Sonia

Susan – Susana

Violet – Violeta


Traditionally, the day you are born on determined the name your parents gave you. The name came from the patron saint for that day of the year. What would your name be based on this method? Check it out here! (https://www.euroresidentes.com/calendario/santos/calendario-santos.htm)



Can’t find anything similar to your English name? No worries! Check out this list of Spanish names to see if there are any names that are very close to your name. You may even find the direct equivalent!