Task: ¡Vamos de viaje!

In this presentation, you must include:

  1. When you went there (days and month)
  2. FIVE different activities you did (past tense!)
  3. Why you went to that city
  4. FIVE places you visited (past tense!)
  5. FIVE or more pictures
  6. What you thought of your experience


***You already have all the vocabulary and phrases you need on your vocabulary list. Use them!!***


When you present, you are NOT ALLOWED to have full sentences on the screen because we want to avoid just reading off the slides. That’s not presenting! Engage your listeners by having them actually have to listen for what you are going to say.

You may use note cards, but they may not have full sentences on them. You must also look up from your cards, instead of reading off them the whole time.

Speak clearly. Speak slowly. Enunciate. Don’t mumble. Be confident!

Also list your sources. (No Wikipedia!)